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Talent and Diversity Management: New Leadership Profiles

Talentia Challenge 2019: Diploma Award Ceremony

12th Be Basque Talent Conference – Paris

Talentia Challenge 2019: Closing Ceremony

Talentia: Diploma Award Ceremony

Year-end party (Relocation & Be Basque Dual Career Centre)

11th Be Basque Talent Conference – London

Presentation of the Basque Talent Observatory

Big Events Bilbao and Biscay 2018

Biscay the Bay of Europe

Bizkaia startup friendly

Pedro Luis Uriarte – The Basque Economic Agreement

Invest in the Basque Country – BigLittle

JAI ALAI Blues – Basque Country

Quality of life in Biscay

Euskera, the Basque Language

Why I’m grateful to be living in the Basque Country

A country inhabited by magical beings

Getting ready for the future


Get to know us


Our particulary identity


Some basques throughout the history


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