Be Basque Talent Network






13th Be Basque Talent Conference – Düsseldorf

Be Basque Talent Meeting – Edinburgh & London

Year-end party 2020 (Relocation & Be Basque Dual Career Centre)

Talent and Diversity Management: New Leadership Profiles

Talentia: Diploma Award Ceremony

12th Be Basque Talent Conference – Paris

Year-end party 2019 (Relocation & Be Basque Dual Career Centre)

11th Be Basque Talent Conference – London

Presentation of the Basque Talent Observatory

Biscay the Bay of Europe

Bizkaia startup friendly

Pedro Luis Uriarte – The Basque Economic Agreement

JAI ALAI Blues – Basque Country

Quality of life in Biscay

Euskera, the Basque Language

A country inhabited by magical beings

MICHAEL PORTER at The Basque Cluster Day

The Basque Strongman

Getting ready for the future


Get to know us


Our particulary identity


Some basques throughout the history


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