The largest highly professional network connected to Bilbao-Bay of Biscay and the entire Basque Country

Our services / What you can get from us

International Professional Networking Meetings

A vinculation service between organizations and highly qualified professionals.

Basque Talent Map

Contact other top professionals worldwide by location,sector, etc.

Intermediation and Job Offers

We manage job offers coming from the organizations that collaborate with us.

Relocation & BeBasque Dual Career Centre

A location service for highly qualified professionals and their partners that come to work to the Basque Country.

Basque Talent Observatory

A knowledge-based tool that analyzes the Basque labor market focused on highly qualified professionals.

Studies and publications

Check the studies, papers, etc published till now.



Be basque talent Meetings&Conferences




11th Be Basque Talent Conference – London

Presentation of the Basque Talent Observatory

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Be Basque Talent Network

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Be Basque Dual Career Centre


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Basque Country

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Bizkaia is waiting for you. Your destination, your home

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Getting ready for the future


Get to know us


Our particulary identity


Some basques throughout the history


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